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Dubai, Abu Dhabi, (July 12, 2018) – It has been 12 years since Mr. Khaled Al Badie joined ABG. Since 2006, he has come a long way now – rising through the ranks to the managerial level and helping his group realize immense achievements. On the eve of his completion of 12 years in the organization, he thanks his team members for making the journey with him and helping him at every step in his work.

The team of Al Badie consists of MBA and PhD degree holders, and they are responsible for making many of his goals for ABG come true. Mr. Badie holds that since his joining the company, he has always received support from his core team as well as in many of the sister units where he serves as chairperson and in other important roles.

Under his leadership, the Al Badie Group has seen its stocks rise even more. But Mr. Badie gives credit to the other members of the Board of Directors as well, and thanks them for supporting many of his decisions in favor of the company. For instance, his decision to construct commercial and residential projects in India has met with approval from the Board. Many of his other decisions are also being given the nod by others who are a part of the management of the group.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:
Mr. Khaled Mohammed Bin Juan Al Badie is the CEO of ABG and is in important decision-making positions in the group and many of its sister concerns.

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