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Plano, TX, July 25, 2018 – With the International Day of Friendship coming up on July 30th, the UN encourages the entire world to come together in friendship and spend time with their friends both old and new, and several community groups seek to bring friendships into their fold.

The Nicholson Clinic seeks to do the same thing with the International Day of Friendship: Friends can help each other to stay on track with weight loss goals and following proper diet and exercise after weight loss surgery.The clinic is makingthis possible for their patients with a friends and family bundleto promote their weight loss surgery.


After all, what’s easier than taking on a new program and having someone else do it with you? The Nicholson Clinic understands the motivation that occurs with having a friend or loved one work together to achieve the same goals, whether that is sticking to a diet, working out together, or preparing for surgery because the best success comes when other people are connected on the same journey.


Dr. Nick Nicholson, owner and bariatric surgeon at the Nicholson Clinic, has stated “We see couples, friends, and family members coming in together all the time. Sharing that experience and having that support has helped so many people not only through the surgery process but ensure long-term success.”


For those patients who want to self-pay, a substantial offer is currently available in honor of the International Day of Friendship, where patients who recommend a friend or family member and both schedule a consultation and a surgery in the same month will receive $500 dollars off per person. By using this discount, any patient who is on the fence about getting in shape and achieving their weight loss goals through surgery can now have a good money-saving option to attain the life they deserve.


About Nicholson Clinic

Founded by Dr. Nick Nicholson, one of the country’s leading weight loss surgeons and co-author of “Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny,” the Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery offers a variety of options to help patients gain control of their weight and their lives.