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Text My Main Number has launched a new text based chatting feature in their text to landline solution. This feature is named as “Multi Chat Widget”. It lets users of the company’s landline texting service open multiple chat windows in parallel. Also, it gives a flexible chat window that can be resized based on the preference of the user.

The launched multi chat feature will be available for the landline texting customers of the Text My Main Number that have subscribed to Small Business or Enterprise packages of the company. The company will also provide this feature to the prospective customers that are using the risk free trial offered by this landline texting company.

“We can proudly say that we have the most advanced text to landline solution to offer. We have many never seen before features and the multi chat is one of these unique features. This is amazing and gives flexibility of discussion to the landline texting service users. They can chat with multiple people via landline texting in real time. Moreover, they can keep the chat window of multiple contacts open which is not possible with a single chat widget. Of course, with a single chat widget as well, the landline texting users can chat with multiple contacts at a time. However, there can be only one chat window open at a time. This would require an additional click to switch between two different chats. On the other hand, multi chat widget save time and efforts of the users as they can keep multiple chat widgets open.” Shared a representative of this landline texting company
According to the shared details, the company offers this feature as an add-on. It means the customers of the company that are using the basic package of the landline texting service can use this multi chat feature. To use this feature, all they need to do is buy this module as an add-on.

“We couldn’t avail this feature to the basic package user. However, we have given them a free trial of this text to landline feature to our basic package customers, too. They can experience the power and benefits of this business texting feature. If they want to use it regularly, they can buy this feature as an add-on. We understand this is a very useful feature and our basic package customers may like to use it. That’s the reason we are providing this feature for them at a small additional fee.”, shared representative of the company.

According to the shared details the company will provide this feature for free to the landline texting service customer that has multiple accounts of basic package to give them the value added services. Also, some landline texting service customers using the custom package will get this multi chat widget feature.

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