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Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, a premier cosmetic clinic in Singapore, offers Ellanse derma fillers for fast skin improvement and long-lasting results.

[SINGAPORE, 27/07/2018] – Shiro Aesthetic Clinic, a premier cosmetic clinic in Mandarin Gallery in Singapore, offers Ellanse derma fillers that deliver immediate skin improvement and long-lasting results. Ellanse has become a popular option for dermal fillers due to its advantages over traditional fillers.

Combining Technology with Natural Processes

Ellanse combines the power of artificial technology with natural biological processes. Ellanse dermal fillers are made of engineered microspheres made from an artificial biodegradable material called polycaprolactone (PCL). The material is then suspended homogenously into a gel carrier made of carboxy-methylcellulose.

This technology, when injected into the body, triggers the natural production of collagen, which is a vital component responsible for the elasticity, tightness and suppleness of the skin. The PCL microspheres from the Ellanse derma fillers promote the production of newly formed collagen that results in continuous volumisation of the skin.

Immediate and Long-Lasting Results

One of the popular advantages of Ellanse derma fillers are the immediate results that can last up to four years. Only one treatment is needed to see immediate results of skin lifting and improvement of skin creases. This saves patients time and money, compared to other fillers that require follow-up visits or multiple sessions.

The Ellanse treatment is ideal for treating skin problems in the temple and brow areas, nasolabial folds, jawline and improving marionette lines and chin definition.

About Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

A premier clinic in Mandarin Gallery, Shiro Aesthetic Clinic is a one-stop provider that addresses a wide range of aesthetic needs. As the clinic’s name suggests, the ‘Shiro’ or ‘white’ colours of the facility warmly welcome patients who are looking for bespoke aesthetic treatments while receiving professional care and maximum comfort. The clinic is headed by Dr Zhang Yijun who has received qualifications from the National University of Singapore and Cardiff University in the UK.

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