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Rental property owners can make their lives easier with the help of Bergan & Company. The Denver-based firm handles all areas of rental property management, from home preparation to eviction.

[CENTENNIAL, 07/26/2018] — Bergan & Company, a leading property management company in Denver, offers property management services for rental property owners. The company’s goal is to make rental ownership simpler and more effective for these owners.

From Rental Home Preparation to Property Evictions

Included in Bergan & Company’s property management services is a comprehensive range of rental management capabilities. Rental property owners can count on the firm to take care of important areas of rental property management. While the owners sit back and relax, the company’s staff does the following for them:

• Rental Home Preparation – The firm uses its experience to get the property ready for renters.
• Tenant Screening – The company’s leasing agents interview all tenants in person. They also take the time to check a tenant’s rental history, employment confirmation, income, criminal background, and credit standing.
• Ongoing Rental Management – The firm makes property management painless for property owners by taking care of minor but important tasks, such as collecting deposits and rents, disbursing rent money to owners, and providing detailed year-end and monthly statement to tenants and owners.
• Rental Property Maintenance – The company keeps the rental property in excellent shape.
• Rental Property Evictions – The firm does the entire eviction process on behalf of the property owner. It delivers the 3-day notice, schedules the writ, performs the actual eviction, documents the whole process, and represents the property owner in court (if necessary).

Other Related Property Management Services

On top of Bergan & Company’s comprehensive line of rental management services, the firm offers these additional services to make life easier for rental property owners:
• Rental Review and Rent Assessment – The firm offers this service free of charge to anyone interested in renting out their home.
• Leasing Services – The company helps new rental property owners find qualified tenants.

About Bergan & Company

Bergan & Company has expanded from the most successful property management company of Centennial, Colorado to the leader property management, renter, and investment property real estate services in the Denver area. It treats its clients with professionalism and the utmost respect. Additionally, it stays on top of what is most important to the business:the client.

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