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Groups of travelers can rent a van for their next trip through the Manila-based car rental company, which provides an affordable selection of well-maintained vehicles.

[Manila, 7/26/2018] – offers van rentals for individuals traveling in large groups. The car rental company’s fleet of vans includes Toyota Hi-Ace, Hyundai Starex, Toyota Innova, and Nissan Urban Escapade. explains that renting a van is a cost-effective choice for group travelers. This option covers different aspects of private transportation such as size, sustainability, and fuel economy.

A Practical Choice

Vans are beneficial for people who will travel with their family or friends since this type of vehicle can accommodate 12 to 15 passengers. Given its size, a group can fit in all their baggage and/or equipment.

Moreover, vans provide a comfortable travel experience despite the number of passengers and the number of things they bring. says that the company’s vans for rent run on diesel. Using this kind of fuel, a family or a group of friends does not have to spend more money to keep the vehicle running. Diesel can last for long drives and is not costly.

This type of vehicle also suits different transportation needs. Families can use a van when they go out of town for a vacation. It is ideal as well for a large group of friends who will go on a road trip.

The Rental Process

For group travelers, has a range of van rentals in a reasonable price. The rental company values customer experience, too. That is why customers can expect fast transactions and a 24/7 customer support.

The company has a friendly and knowledgeable team who will assist customers throughout the process. Travelers can choose from daily, weekly, and monthly bookings and the length of time will affect the rates of each rental.

Booking a car is easy. All one has to do is inform of the preferred make and model, and the company will prepare the vehicle. Clients can then drive the car to the assigned location after the rental period.

About is a car rental service provider based in Manila, Philippines. The company caters to individuals, groups, tourists, companies, and more. Its well-mannered drivers know the best routes, suitable food stops, and various exciting destinations in the city. For more information, visit today.