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Weddings are an expensive affair, which is why couples and planners should get the most out of their money. For all wedding arrangements, decorations, and rental services under one roof, Alexan Events has the team and vendors to create clients’ dream weddings.

[ENGLEWOOD, 07/20/2018] — Weddings continue to be an expensive affair, with average wedding costs totaling over $33,000, according to a Business Insider article. With the high cost and the challenges couples encounter when planning their big day, it is but fitting that their expenses add up to the memorable wedding that they envisioned.

Alexan Events makes dream weddings a reality for couples in the U.S. without the hassle of having them go through separate vendors. Unlike other wedding companies that provide only one aspect of the wedding design, the company has an in-house team of designers, stylists, and florists who design the ceremony and reception venues. They use the company’s in-house floral design services, décor, and furniture rental, allowing the couple to save on decors and spending more on elements that make the wedding memorable.

All Aspects of Event Design

Alexan Events has over 15 years of experience putting personal and intimate touches to weddings of all styles and themes. With its extensive catalog of floral designs, décor, furniture, lighting fixtures, and other rental items, the company helps couples achieve their dream wedding with ease.

In-house services include:

• Floral designs for the ceremony, tabletops, bridal bouquet, chuppah and altar
• Décor rentals for the wedding and reception venues
• Furniture rentals, especially for outdoor weddings
• Design of the entire event

Couples and their event planners turn to Alexan Events to provide everything needed for the wedding and reception. This allows them to focus on other aspects, such as the cake, the gown and entourage attire, and other important factors.

Stress-Free Planning

The company’s team of designers understand the difficulty of planning a wedding. They take away the stress by working closely with the couple and their planner to achieve the perfect design the couples want. Their expertise and care for their clients’ wishes set them apart from other vendors and ease the burden of overseeing all the design aspects of the wedding.

With Alexan Events behind their wedding, couples can enjoy their big day and be truly present in this milestone in their life.

About Alexan Events

Alexan Events is a full-service wedding design company that provides the workforce, decoration, furniture, and other equipment couples and wedding planners need to design a wedding. Its comprehensive catalog provides the items to suit different wedding themes and styles.

For the past 15 years, Alexan Events has worked with many clients, giving its team the experience and skill to handle impeccable, personal, and intimate weddings. The company was established in Colorado but services all weddings across the United States.

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