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Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services reminds homes and businesses that rain does not thoroughly clean solar panels. With the risks of DIY cleaning, it may be best to leave the job to professionals.

[Prescott, 7/25/2018] – Dirty solar panels can be inefficient for homes and businesses. Failing to clean them can thwart their purpose of providing affordable energy. Relying on rain to wash solar panels, however, is not enough, according to Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services. As such, it offers professional solar panel cleaning services that ensure the system performs efficiently.

Cleaning Solar Panels is Necessary

Many things contribute to the accumulation of dirt on solar panels. Some of these include bird droppings, mold, and even dust, Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services says.

The buildup of dirt prohibits sunlight from reaching the solar cells of panels. As a result, the system fails to perform efficiently, leaving a loss of financial return for the investor and owner of solar energy.

Rain may wash out some of the dirt, but the dirt that built up still exists on the solar panels. The company further notes, “Additionally, airborne dust particles can attach to the solar panel surface immediately after the evaporation of rainwater. Rain, therefore, is not an effective way to keep your solar panel free from the build-up of dirt.”

The Risks of DIY Solar Panel Cleaning

It may be unwise to clean solar panels without professional help, according to Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services. Users may expose themselves to the following:

• Fall while walking around to clean the solar panels without safety gear
• Breaking a solar panel component during the cleaning process
• Voiding warranty from the manufacturer due to damage during DIY cleaning

Asking the help of qualified and experienced professionals frees homeowners and businesses from these risks. It suggests reconsidering the decision to clean solar panels with expert help.

“Washing the solar panels could take forever, especially if you don’t use the proper methods and equipment,” the company shares.

About Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services

Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services stays up-to-date with the trends in the industry to ensure a level of service above the rest. It provides cleaning services for awnings, roofs and gutters, and solar panels. The company also offers power washing and satellite removal among its list of services. Leon Moise, a Marine veteran, owns and runs the company.

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