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Plant life thrives in a strong greenhouse that absorbs the natural elements and shields away harsh conditions. Living a sustainable and healthy life has never been easier with the strong Growing Dome Greenhouse Kits from Growing Spaces.

[Pagosa Springs, 7/25/2018] – Those who choose to eat organic food understand how expensive this lifestyle is. Certified organic food in markets and groceries are more expensive because of its limited supply and higher production costs compared to mass-produced food that uses inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, trying to live healthy equates to a luxury many cannot afford to sustain. In such case, Growing Spaces can help in growing quality organic food.

Instead of buying expensive organic produce, why not invest in a greenhouse and grow food all year? For residents in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, this is now possible with the strong and durable Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit of Growing Spaces.

Efficient and Effective Growing Dome

Life thrives in Growing Spaces’ Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit because the company perfected its design after 25 years of operation. It sports the most energy-efficient state-of-the-art design available on the market. Its polycarbonate glazing panels absorb solar energy, requiring little to no heating.

Parts of the greenhouse include insulated walls and foundation, automatic vents, an aboveground pond and a solar-powered central air system. Its indoor growing environment suits both tropical and cold-weather plants. Its durable wood and metal structure support the geodesic dome to withstand wind speeds of over 130 mph.

Year-Round Benefits of Homegrown Food

With a durable greenhouse that caters to different plant types, homeowners looking to live an organic lifestyle can grow their food any time of the year. Growing Spaces’ Growing Domes have a 15 to 20-year lifespan under proper care and use.

Considering the high cost of organic products in the market and the rising costs of food, homeowners will realize their investment three to four times over as the cost of installing one will offset the costs of buying organic food from commercial establishments.

About Growing Spaces

Growing Spaces provides greenhouse kits and installation services for growing domes of all sizes. Its founders started the company to support those interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Today, their award-winning Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit withstands strong winds and storms and allows homeowners to produce healthy, organic food year-round.

Interested in growing your food all year? Call Growing Spaces today at 970.731.2120 to get started or visit their website