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GWD Forestry’s black truffle program offers investment opportunities with Spain’s thriving and growing black truffle industry, which is now the top global source of black truffles.

[PALMA, 25/07/2018] — GWD Forestry, a company that provides direct investment opportunities to sustainably managed plantations, offers black truffle investment opportunities in Spain. The increasing demand for black truffles, combined with Spain’s thriving truffle industry, makes the investment a feasible and ideal financial endeavour.

The Global Demand for Black Truffles

From truffle oil and truffle pate to the actual truffle fungus, black Perigord truffles are a hot commodity within the fine dining industry in cities like Paris, London and New York. Over the century, the supply of black truffles has declined and has not been able to meet the strong demand of chefs and restaurateurs all over the world.

Named after France’s Perigord region, the black Perigord truffle or simply the black truffle is one of the most commercially valuable species of truffles, valued at a minimum of £750 per kilogram. Considering the value, many truffle farmers have become highly protective of their farms to even have surveillance systems installed within the perimeter.

Spain: The World’s Next Truffle Capital

In recent years, France and Italy’s black truffle harvests have been low. The fungus, however, has seen an abundance in another European area. In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, black Perigord truffles have flourished in Spain’s holm oak trees.

This discovery is leading Spain into becoming the next truffle capital of the world. Spain has been able to produce approximately 70 per cent of the world’s global truffle production. Potential investors could be looking at a rich investment opportunity through GWD Forestry’s black truffle program.

About GWD Forestry

Providing affordable entry-level investments, GWD Forestry’s direct investment programs support sustainably managed agroforestry plantations in Canada, Europe and Brazil. Apart from black truffles, GWD Forestry’s programs include biomass, Christmas trees, green coconuts and eucalyptus. The company aims to transform under-utilised land into modern and efficient sources of annual growth and revenue while responding to high consumer demands.

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