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Newport Beach, CA (July 24, 2018) – Day care centers provide an excellent service of providing daycare for those, who cannot stay alone at their homes. Even though they are service-oriented, these businesses also need immediate funds at times. When there is such a need, they cannot get to the banks as they will never allocate the funds quickly. So, the best thing they can do is to rely on the excellent business capital financing company Pelican Capital.

Pelican Capital holds the pride of being the trusted partner for business owners. Without the requirement of any collateral security, the company offers 100% unsecured business loans for day care. Further, Pelican Capital allocates loan, not on the basis of the credit history of the daycare center. They will get finances based on their business performance from Pelican Capital.

Further, daycare businesses can build their business credit with the renewal options offered by this company. The good thing here is that they can get funded on the same day with just a minimal paperwork from Pelican Capital. The company offers a couple of simple and quick funding options. Business loan and line of credit are the two options.

Pelican Capital says “Need a funding source that you can continuously pull cash and write checks from as you need it? Then, our line of credit option is right for you”. When they opt for this funding, a daycare business will get the money on the same day or within 5 business days. The term length will be 2-5 years and they can opt for weekly or monthly payment style. However, as against the business loan, businesses choosing this option should have a credit of 680+ and they should be in business for at least three months. Also, Pelican Capital requires that to qualify for this loan, businesses should have monthly revenue of $20,000.

About Pelican Capital:
As compared to the traditional bank loan, Pelican Capital’s business loans differ in many ways. Some of the examples include competitive rates, early pay-off discounts, 24-48 hour funding time, and 1-page or paperless application.

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