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The leading sanitation supplies and services provider gives their client a wide array of quality dish machines to choose from.

[VENTURA, 7/24/2018] – To provide their clients with high-quality and efficient equipment, BC Industrial Services keeps a wide inventory of top-of-the-line dishwashers that are ideal for restaurant and commercial applications.

BC Industrial Services is a leading provider of sanitation supplies and solutions, and has a variety of services available to the Hospitality and Healthcare markets in Southern and Central California.

Commercial Dishwashers

BC Industrial Services has an extensive line of premium dishwashers from BCI Wareforce, CMA and ADS, and offers commercial clients exclusive access to Water Smart®, energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified dishmachines. BCI offers various types of sanitation equipment such as dishwashers, glass washers, conveyor washers, upright washers and even enterprise level Flight-Type dishwashers.

Aside from sales, BC Industrial Services also offers dishwasher leasing and repair to clients. This is to ensure that their clients will always have equipment that is running at maximum efficiency.

Other Services

BC Industrial Services is known for its wide array of products and services. On top of providing clients with high-quality dishwashing machines, the company also offers dishwasher repair and maintenance. This ensures the company’s clients that only licensed repair personnel will service their machines for repairs or routine maintenance.

The company also provides a line of highly effective and potent detergents for use with their machines. These washing detergents are specially formulated for commercial applications and are made with scale inhibitors and grease cutting ingredients.

About BC Industrial Services, LLC

BC Industrial Services is a leading sanitation supplies and services provider that offers custom-tailored product solutions for restaurant and commercial clients. Every product that BC Industrial offers must pass the company’s stringent quality assurance program. Their professional service technicians are all extensively trained and highly adept at repairing and maintaining the company’s products.

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