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You absolutely love your specialty windows for their style, drama, the view they allow and how they add to your curb appeal. But dressing those windows can be challenging if you are looking for standard off-the-rack window treatments!

Specialty shaped windows, such as arches, angular windows, French doors, and curves, can add an element of drama to any space. It is obvious that you want equally inspiring and elegant window treatments to dress them up.

Specialty shaped window shades can be customized depending upon your needs, whether you are looking for –
• Privacy
• light control
• blackout
• insulation
• preventing outside sounds from coming into your space, or
• a unique style element

Here are a few ideas for window coverings for specialty shaped windows –

• Roller shades, cellular shades and shutters work well angles, arches, and circle windows and make them look chic. Roller shades also offer many customization options. Depending on the shape of your windows, this could make your space look classy.
• Since your bay, corner, and bow windows often add seating or decoration space, make the most of it by selecting shades or blinds that allow more natural light to enter the room.
• French doors add a lot of light and versatility to a room as well as easy outdoor access. You can go for French door and window treatments that provide easy accessibility features like handles levers, and cutouts.
• Cellular or honeycomb shades are also an excellent option for specialty windows. They create a consistent, unified look, while offering mobility.
• Custom shutters can also be used for specialty shaped windows, such as arched windows, ovals, hexagons, and others. Shutters are so versatile and classic, they are a frequently chosen option for custom windows.
• Solar shades are an energy efficient option that can keep your rooms cool as well as block harmful UV rays from the Sun. Solar shades are incredibly user friendly and won’t block your view.

Windows may come in many different shapes and sizes but dressing them need not be a challenge. Window Treatments experts, such as Shades and Shutters in Houston, can create custom window coverings options to cover your specialty shaped windows, taking into account your décor, needs and unique style. Whether you have French doors, arched or angled windows, you can get a variety of beautiful custom designed window treatments.

To learn more about the best window shutters and Hunter Douglas shades in Houston, check out Shades and Shutters at 281-301-5680 and ask for a free consultation and estimation Today! Shades and Shutters is the leading Window Treatment and Covering Company, located in Greater Houston, offering services for residential and commercial property for almost two decades.