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Are you up to the challenge to clear the Civil Services exam at one go? Do you face trouble while preparing for such a competitive exam while working?? Release your stress now as here are some power pact rules to follow if you are preparing for civil service while working full or part-time in an organization!!


Rule #1: Never Stress Yourself

Stressing does not help you with your preparation. Your brain requires adequate comfort and calmness for grasping the facts from the textbooks. Studying too much in a day during office hours may seem to be an added bonus but it actually kills the brain’s sharpness.


Rule #2: Stay Away from Social Media

Social Media is a necessary evil to our society. It creates a sense of loneliness in people’s mind and causes them to get demotivated by attracting them into an illusory world. Staying away from the social media monster gives your preparation a different boost.


Rule #3: Use Notes

Notes are the best way to revise what you studied the previous night. Give a different appeal to your notes by including bullet points to gist the chapter in your own words.


Rule #4: Follow Online Lectures

Chances are high that if you are working fulltime you won’t get much time in doing self-study. Reading pages after pages are quite time-consuming. The easier way out in this case is when you refer online lectures on YouTube. These lectures briefly summarize a chapter and you could mug up the facts in little time.


Rule #5: Ask your Boss for a Leave

Your boss would understand your problems if he himself had undergone similar stress in life. Good companies allow their employees to take a leave from work if they report about an upcoming examination.


Where to Draw the Line?

It is no big deal to crack the civil service examination with a job in hand but you must be clear in your daily routine and must choose to achieve a target every day. A job will support you in your expenses.