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Market Highlights:

A public key infrastructure (PKI) are policies, roles, and procedures essential to manage, distribute, digital certificates and public-key encryption with an aim to secure the transfer of electronic information. PKIs are used for encryption, authentication, bootstrapping secure communication protocols, electronic signatures, and others.

Going ahead with the market drivers, Standards are emerging to simplify integration and are developed by experts to ensure high quality, faster, higher resolution systems and easier to use software. The Public Key Infrastructure standards make the technology appear more mature. Some of industry standards for machine vision systems are Camera Link standard for interfacing cameras to frame grabbers, which digitize analog video signals. This standard ensures easy integration of these devices, even ones from different manufacturers. Connectors, cables, data format, and control signals are all standardized. The standardization is increasing continuously and driving the machine vision market.

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Major Key Players:

Docusign Inc.(U.S), Comodo Group Inc.(U.S), Kofax Ltd. (U.S), GoDaddy Inc.(U.S), GMO GlobalSign Inc. (U.S), Verisign Inc.(U.S), Gemalto N.V.( Netherlands), Signix Inc.(U.S), Ascertia Company (U.S), Secured Signing Limited (Australia)Entrust Data Cartd Corporation (U.S) and Identrust Inc.(U.S) among others are some of the prominent players profiled in MRFR Analysis and are at the forefront of competition in the global Public Key Infrastructure market.

Verisign Inc., Comodo, GoDaddy Group, and Entrust Datacrad Corp. Are the dominat players accounting for more than 70 % of the market in 2016.

Global Public Key Infrastructure Market – growing information security concerns coupled with explosive adoption of electronic communications expected to propel the market to a high CAGR

Industry News

December, 2017, Pixelink has launched new cameras with Sony IMX-based USB 3.0 machine vison sensors. The Pixelink PL-D795 camera is based on the Sony IMX264 sensor, has 5-MP resolution, a 2/3-in. lens format and dynamic range of 70 dB. The Pixelink PL-D799 is based on the Sony IMX267 sensor, features 9-MP resolution, a 1-in. lens format and dynamic range of 70 dB. The Pixelink PL-D7912 camera to be released is based on the Sony IMX304 sensor, has 12-MP resolution, a 1.1-in. lens format and dynamic range of 70 dB. The cameras are all based on Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS technology and will be available in color or monochrome versions.

July, 2017, Canon, world-leader in imaging solutions announced that the company will make available Public Key Infrastructure Recognition Software Version 2.0.0, an updated version of the recognition software for three Machine Vision System models: the RV1100, the RV300 and the RV500

Regional Analysis:

Public Key Infrastructure Market is growing with the positive growth in all the regions. Increasing application areas on yearly basis and advancement in technology and integration with current manufacturing environment is driving the market on global scale. Asia Pacific regions in dominating the market due to rich presence of manufacturing companies in China, India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The region is also one of the prominent leader in semiconductor industry and largest exporter around the world. North America stands as second largest market for Public Key Infrastructure due to technological advancement and growing IT and semiconductor industry. The region is also home to some of the key players of Public Key Infrastructure system. Europe stands as third biggest market for Public Key Infrastructure. From the past 10 years, Germany was one of the major developer of machine vision system and the trend continued till the year 2015. Rich automotive industry in this region is one of the biggest driver which is supporting the market of machine vision. Europe Public Key Infrastructure market also sees immense potential due to the growing banking, healthcare and foods and beverage industry. 


To generate a detailed understanding of the market the global public key infrastructure market has been segmented on the basis of services, deployment, end -users and region.

Based on services, the market has been segmented into PIN authentication, enrollment services, secure roaming, self-recovery, self-registration, others.

Based on deployment, the market has been segmented into cloud-based, on-premise, others.

Based on end-user, the market has been segmented into Healthcare and Life Sciences, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Government and Defense, BFSI, Education and Research, Others.

Based on regions, the market has been segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, and rest of the World.

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Intended Audience

  • Training and education service providers
  • Data integration service providers
  • Banking and Insurance service providers
  • Technology standards organizations
  • Digital signature vendors
  • Digital signature service providers
  • Product manufacturers/ developers
  • Consultancy firms/advisory firms
  • Technology investors
  • Research institutes,
  • System Integrators
  • Research/Consultancy firms