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Running a business is never an easy task and this very much applies to the idea of protecting their bottom line. As a result, one major concern for all business owners is business continuity vs disaster recovery. There is a distinct difference between the two, though they do have a close relationship.

Business continuity is all about planning a strategy to survive in the event of a major loss of data. The most important part of the plan is being able to readily access the relevant information needed to run a particular business. In order to be successful, a plan for business continuity must include the ability for all networks to run with no downtime whatsoever. In addition to allowing network drives and connections to run it must also allow online systems, business applications and phones to keep running flawlessly. This broad term encompasses everything that makes a business function.

Disaster recovery is a plan that every business must have in place, as it works hand in hand with continuity. Solutions within data recovery must always include being able to access a business’s data at a site away from where its day to day operations are run. They must also include the steps that would need to be taken if the IT infrastructure needs to be Cloud based disaster recovery is often the best type of plan in today’s world because it ensures that data is always stored in a place where it can’t be compromised. Recovery time needs to be quick when a disaster occurs, and using the cloud is often the best way to accomplish this.

No matter what recovery plan a business has for disastrous events, it is important that every employee knows and understands what to do if and when the time comes. They must be prepared to immediately implement the plan if stakeholders declare that it needs to be used.

When it comes to the relationship between business continuity versus disaster recovery, business continuity is the medicine used to prevent an illness and disaster recovery is the treatment plan for curing it. Both of these ideas are important to the success of any business. Disaster recovery is a wide umbrella under which business continuity falls.

Cloud disaster recovery is the choice of most businesses these days. There are others types that can be employed but they may not provide the same quality of recovery that the cloud does. If you own a business you owe it to yourself to have the best recovery plan possible in place. Being able to recover crucial data is something that no business can afford to go without.