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Connolly Suthers provides estate planning services to achieve fair and peaceful wealth distribution. The firm guides the clients through the complexities of family law, asset protection and other rules and regulations related to wealth distribution.

[TOWNSVILLE, 20/07/2018] – Connolly Suthers, an established law firm in Townsville, Queensland, offers a range of estate planning services. The law firm takes a practical approach to working and consulting clients and operates in their best interest.

Armed with experience in complex laws related to estate planning, Connolly Suthersworks toward peaceful and fair wealth distribution.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services in Townsville

To ensure that the clients’ wealth is divided and given to the right and trusted beneficiaries, the firm’s legal team offers estate planning services that cover all personal, joint and social assets of clients.

The firm has been helping clients draft Wills Binding Death Benefit Directions and Enduring Powers of Attorney, helping and guiding clients through the complexities of estate planning to avoid family disputes and other problems that may arise from wealth distribution.

The legal team takes all the important details into consideration, such as beneficiaries with special needs and offspring with marriage difficulties.

A Practical Approach to Complex Rules and Regulations

Connolly Suthers is experienced in interpreting complex rules and regulations involving family law, superannuation, taxation, bankruptcy and other legal matters related to wealth distribution. A practical approach is taken in order to arrive at the most financially efficient and tax effective result.

Connolly Suthers’ range of estate planning services includes the following:
– Wills and Estate Administration
– Testamentary Discretionary Trust Wills
– Asset Protection Strategies
– Family Law Binding Financial Agreements

About Connolly Suthers Lawyers

Connolly Suthersis Townsville and North Queensland’s trusted law firm for every case regardless of size, nature or duration. The firm operates on a no win, no service fee basis, meaning that the clients will only pay the legal charges if their case is won. As a way of giving back to the community, Connolly Suthershas carefully selected from the graduates of Townsville’s James Cook University to form their legal team.

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