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Regular storage tanks do not provide the right features to hold special liquids that need a consistently warm temperature. Heartland Tank Services offers automated and energy-efficient heated and insulated storage tank systems for both new and existing tanks.

[ENGLEWOOD, 07/20/2018] – Not all liquids maintain their state in storage tank systems. Liquid nitrogen and ammonium thiosulfate, for example, salt out when placed in cold temperatures. The tank needs to have heating systems or insulation which maintain a steady temperature to prevent the quality of the liquid from changing.

Heartland Tank Services offers this feature for industrial and commercial clients in Colorado and surrounding areas. Its heated and insulated storage tank systems have been tried and tested to impressive success when it comes to maintaining interior temperature despite the outdoor weather. Apart from its success in keeping a certain temperature, the company has automated and energy-efficient systems for its clients’ convenience.

Efficient Temperature Control

Heartland Tank Services installs heating and insulation systems on new or existing tanks. The systems consist of insulation panels along the external walls, a heating panel, and a circulation system all controlled by an automated operating panel. The heating element used depends on the tank’s interior lining so that it receives the most efficient form of heating.

One of the company’s clients managed to maintain a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius despite outside weather reaching -20 degrees. This feature is necessary for companies and industries located in cold areas or needs to maintain warm temperatures over the winter season.

Ease of Operation

The system uses round-the-clock automated technology. The client simply has to set a minimum temperature, and the system automatically heats the tank to maintain the required heat. The circulation system distributes the heat evenly throughout the tank. Clients only need to monitor the tank from time to time.

The external black insulation panels on the tank serve as another layer of protection. They absorb heat from the sun and help the system remain warm, preventing the interior temperature from decreasing. This measure keeps energy costs low, as well, since the heating system does not need to operate often.

About Heartland Tank Services

Heartland Tank Services provides complete liquid storage tank services. Along with its sister company, Heartland Tank, LLC, it provides services for tanks ranging from 100,000 to 3 million gallons in capacity. The Colorado-based company uses the highest quality products and provides the best solutions for its clients.

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