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A market research survey revealed that businesses prefer videoconferencing as a communication tool. Companies looking to utilize the capabilities of this feature can go to Phoenix Deposition Services.

[PHOENIX, 06/22/2018] — Videoconferencing is an option businesses can use if they are unable to conduct face-to-face transactions with their clients. When it comes to the use of videoconferencing, market research agency, Redshift Research, said that more businesses are using this technology. According to the agency’s survey, 56 percent of videoconferencing users participated in a minimum of one video call a week. Additionally, 76 percent of respondents used videoconferencing solutions at work.

Why Businesses Go for Videoconferencing

Cisco, a global leader in IT and networking, shared why videoconferencing is a preferred business communication tool. The company remarked that videoconferencing:

• Allows for more efficient meetings
• Offers greater clarity on discussion topics
• Minimizes organizational and geographical obstacles

Videoconferencing also becomes a “win-win” for all involved parties when businesses incorporate it into their overall collaboration strategy, the company added.

Reliable Videoconferencing Services

Organizations that want to apply and take advantage of the power of videoconferencing can get in touch with Phoenix Deposition Services. The Arizona-based company provides a professional and comfortable setting for legal organizations that want to conduct their business with witnesses, lawyers, and clients without taking on the expense, hassle, and burden associated with traveling.

Customers who choose Phoenix Deposition Services for its videoconferencing services will enjoy the following features and benefits:

• Full Use of One of the Company’s Conference Rooms, which Accommodates up to 16 Individuals
• High-end Equipment that Broadcasts Quality Images
• Free Beverages and Snacks during the Video conference
• Split-Screen Options to Allow Multiple People to Participate in the Video conference
• High-Speed Internet and Free Wi-Fi to Minimize Face or Freeze Interruptions

About Phoenix Deposition Services

Besides offering videoconferencing, Phoenix Deposition Services provides efficient, accurate, and affordable court reporting services. The company employs only court reporters that are top rated and certified by the National Court Reporters Association. Clients can count on its court reporters to deliver depositions expertly and efficiently.

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