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What is craft work?
Craft work is different decorative or useful objects are made by hand using waste or simple things. Normally wood, glass, papers, cardboard, metals are used for craft work. Craft work will shows our talents. This is not that much difficult. By practicing anyone can do craft work.
Benefits of Craft work for kids
Craft work is used to improve the creativity thinking level of kids and also make fun of them. It will improve the children skills and talents, imagination and self-expressions. Also enhance their academics strengthening.
Classifications of craft work
Paper craft
Stone craft
Metal craft
Flower craft
Glass craft
Decorative craft
Fashion craft
Fiber and textile crafts
Wood and furniture crafts
Best simple craft work ideas for kids:
Some simple and easy craft ideas for kids are following paper heart penguin, paper racing cars, paper snails, paper roll owls, paper fish, magazine tea coaster craft, photo frame using ice cream sticks, flowers using straws. Other examples of craft work are Basket weaving, Beer-making, Book-binding, Doll-making, Enameling, Floral Design, Ikebana, Jewelry-making, Knife-making (cutler), Leatherwork, Metalwork, Model-making, Tattoo Designing and Toy-making.

Best guidance and support
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