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Six Sigma is a strategy in view of factual analysis instead of guesswork to enhance processes with unknown issues.Lean generally centers around the disposal of the eight sorts of waste/Muda classified as defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion and extra-processing Six Sigma looks to enhance the nature of process yields by recognizing and expelling the reasons for error and limiting changeability in (assembling and business) forms. Synergistically, Lean plans to accomplish consistent stream by fixing the linkages between process steps while Six Sigma centers around decreasing procedure variety (in the entirety of its structures) for the procedure steps along these lines empowering a fixing of those linkages. To put it plainly, Lean uncovered wellsprings of process variety and Six Sigma expects to decrease that variety empowering a temperate cycle of iterative changes towards the objective of ceaseless stream.


What is Lean 6 sigma

Lean Six Sigma utilizes the DMAIC stages like that of Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma ventures involve parts of Lean’s waste elimination and the Six Sigma center around lessening defects, in view of basic to quality attributes. The DMAIC toolbox of Lean Six Sigma includes all the Lean and Six Sigma instruments. The preparation for Lean Six Sigma is given through the belt based preparing framework like that of Six Sigma. The belt workforce is assigned as White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black belts, like judo.

For every one of these belt levels ranges of abilities are accessible that portray which of the general Lean Six Sigma expected to be part at a specific Belt level. These ranges of abilities give a point by point depiction of the learning components that a member will have gained in the wake of finishing a preparation program. The level whereupon these learning components might be connected is likewise depicted. The ranges of abilities reflect components from Six Sigma, Lean and other process improvement methods like the theory of constraints (TOC) total productive maintenance (TPM).


Six Sigma Training and certifications


About Us offers several options for Six Sigma Training and Certification Classes, including options for beginners. We were also the first organization to offer a four-week Black Belt that allows individuals with no prior experience to obtain Black Belt certification.

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