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Axiom Market Research & Consulting ™ added a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Market Report, By Resin Type, Type, Backing Substrate, End-Use Industry and Geography – Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast Up To 2024
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape, also called as PSA are adhesive tapes with relatively thin flexible material having single or double sided coating. These tapes are generally blends of natural or synthetic rubber and resin, acrylic, silicone or other polymer systems. They are based on many kinds of pressure sensitive adhesives where in adhesive is applied on one side or both sides depending upon the tape. They can be easily incorporated on any surface by applying slight pressure either mechanically or physically. Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are designed to deliver engineered assembly solutions for widespread industrial applications, such as packaging, sealing, labelling, electrical insulation, stationery. The global pressure sensitive adhesive tapes market is estimated and forecasted in terms of revenue (USD million) generated by the global market.
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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Market Segmented on the Basis Of Type and application:
Resin Type:
• Acrylic
• Rubber
• Silicone and Others
• Single-coated tapes or single-sided tapes
• Double-coated tapes
• Transfer tapes or unsupported tapes
• Self-wound tape
Industrial applications:
• Packaging
• Sealing
• Labelling
• Electrical Insulation
• Stationery
Diverse applications:
• Automotive
• Building & Construction
• Consumer & Office
• Electrical & Electronics Etc.

The Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Market Is Segmented On The Basis Of By Geography:
North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The demand for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes is increasing in emerging markets such as China and India, due to robust growth of infrastructure, rising disposable income and availability of raw materials. Among these countries, China is expected to dominate the market due to increased industrial production. Moreover, it also has the largest consumers of PSA tapes worldwide. Furthermore, the North America is likely to expand at a promising pace in the global pressure sensitive adhesive tapes market. Rapid development in the automotive and construction industry are fuelling the growth in North America.
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Global Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Market Is Led by Leading Manufacturers:
3M Company, Avery Dennison Corporation, H.B.Fuller, Intertape Polymer Group, Inc., K.L. & Ling, NICHIBAN CO., LTD., Lintec Corporation, Lohmann GmbH & Co. Kg, Nichiban Co. Ltd., Nitto Denko Corporation, Saint-Gobain, Scapa Group Plc, Shurtape Technologies, LLC and Tesa SE. Strategies such as product innovation and collaborations are adopted by global players as well as regional players, to maintain the product quality, thus rendering market sustainability.