Overview of a DY-08 Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Full automatic LINE

Since our foundation in 1998 our company has only been engaged in the production Vacuum Blood Collection Product LINE, product plant. Our offer a wide range of operating speeds from 8.500 pcs units per hour and we understand that anything less than the best is good enough. Visit our homepage to click production information firstly and then click DY-05~ DY-08 and then click flickering VOD to display video of the machine. You have good opportunity to expand your business.
DY-08 Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Full automatic LINE (Labeling + Filling + Vacuum + Capping + 100pcs tray assembly + shrinkable film Pac packing)
Product Features
• We feel pleasant to send you preform invoice.
• The automatic line has short length of 8 meters in total to be innovative.
• The automatic line requires no more than 30% of the area of competitor’s line.
• The line does not produce defective products.
• A labor worker who has been trained 3 days can run the line well.
• The whole production process automation
• Be advised production order of vacuum blood collection tube:
Tube labeling→ auto feed → chemicals spray → drying → vacuuming – capping-putting of 100 pcs of tubes into the rack→ Rack label feeding- shrinkable film Pac
Our automatic production line consists of labeling, chemical filling, vacuum capping, 100 pcs tray and shrinkable film packing that run automatically. See our video of the machine.
One line requires 2 engineers. Vacuum Blood Tube Machine Korea
Put the innovative system at your factory to succeed in the business.
I and developed the auto machine for the first time 15 years ago.
When you buy the auto line from us, I myself and my engineer shall put it at your factory to train you. I am proud of excellent performance of the auto line.
DY- , 08, Vacuum Blood Tube Video URL: https://youtu.be/7_BTOiA6bEk
Technology & Certification
ISO 90001
EN 46002
Model: DY-08 Vacuum Blood Tube Product LINE
a) Capacities: 8,500/Hr.
b) Filling accuracy: +- 0.002ul
c) Vacuum accuracy: +- 0.003
Filling and spray reading
Vacuum pressure reading
Read filling and vacuum and remove defective product into scrap box in advance. auto blood packing machine supplier korea