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The brand that cares for your health, giving you some more reasons to stay healthy and smile.

10 July, UAE – A far-reaching brand has introduced its natural mineral water in BPA free bottles. Monviso cares for the well-being of its clients and realizes the harms of using plastic on a heavy scale. Well, living in a world of plastic, everyone is unaware of the side-effects that it comes along with. Plastics have potentially hazardous substances like Bisphenol A, or popularly called as BPA.

The BPA present in plastic water bottles is a serious risk factor for human health and the environment too. It triggers health problems like skin disorders, breathing difficulties, infertility issues, gastrointestinal diseases, and cancers. Natural mineral water in Dubai and elsewhere comes packed in these BPA containing water bottles, leading to various ailments. Monviso regulates this use of plastic and reduces the toxic effects on the body.
BPA free water bottles, introduced by the brand, ensure that its clients get the best out of this fresh initiative. Drinking water from BPA free water bottles eliminates the main source of BPA toxins and leads to an improved health. This a perfect choice for everyone, as it keeps one healthy and fresh.

BPA bottles are stylish and convenient to use. They can be used as an alternative to glass bottles at places like beaches and pools, where the use of glass containers is restricted. With similar weight and durability, unlike other bottles, BPA free bottles do not crack or break down when dropped. BPA water bottles are double walled and insulated, that reduces the condensation that is common in other water bottles. The double wall keeps the cold beverages colder, and one can sip a cold beverage while on the go. Thus, these water bottles are perfect for athletes, joggers, children, and all.
A BPA free water bottle is environment-friendly as well. A large percentage of plastic bottles do no get recycled. Although, BPA free water bottles, eliminate this danger. Monviso thus aims at contributing to the environment through these bottles.