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The surge of Australian SMBs that are active online calls for the skills of professional graphic designers. Kudos Studio offers its services to clients who need a new or revamped website graphics.

[ULTIMO, 16/7/2018]—Kudos Studio is helping Australian companies, professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their Internet marketing goals by designing eye-catching, engaging and industry-appropriate graphics that they can use on their websites and other materials.

The company’s graphic artists produce designs that propel clients’ branding efforts, whether for digital or print advertising.

In Support of Australian SMBs

An increasing number of small and medium enterprises in the country are engaging audiences more online. Deloitte Access Economics’ Connected Small Businesses 2017 report for Google, in fact, reveals that 89 per cent of Australian SMBs own a website — an improvement from the 23 per cent in 2016.

The findings suggest two things: First, more SMBs in Australia recognise the value of websites for marketing and sales conversion. Second, Australian SMBs are in need of services related to digital marketing.

With its team’s expertise in graphic design, Kudos Studio is well-placed to provide visual content for these digital marketing ventures.

Graphic Designs that Communicate and Help Convert

Kudos Studio offers its expertise in graphic design for digital marketing and branding. The company’s team of experienced graphic designers creates graphics suited to each client’s needs.

Graphics can be instrumental in establishing a brand. Whether they’re on a website, in an explainer video, e-books, or print materials, they can help deliver a company’s message to its target audience.

In fact, Search Engine Journal (SEJ), an authority site in Internet marketing, says website design elements are more effective than content at inspiring trust among its visitors. SEJ cites an early study where 94 per cent of respondents said they’re less likely to trust a website with poor design.

Websites are a clear exception to the adage about judging based on appearance. First impressions matter, and Kudos Studio’s graphic designs can help companies create a positive one on their respective sites.

About Kudos Studio

Kudos Studio is a Sydney-based graphic design company offering a broad range of services relevant to traditional and digital marketing. The company performs various visual content creation methods, like studio photography and illustration. They also offer proofreading and copy-writing services for online and print materials.

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