Feel the Passion of Italy with the New Song by Palmaria!

Palmaria, Italy – 13 July 2018 – Palmaria offers its brand new music composition “Venditti Beach” that was hosted by BeatGarden Records. This awesome Italian song is performed by Rachele, being referred to as indie pop music genre. Venditti Beach sounds really fresh, powerful and impressive, having a great chance to become the favorite composition of lots of young people.
There’s no question that summer is as the hottest as the most romantic season, enabling us to relax and enjoy our time, while getting on a trip or simply going to the beach. One of the most attractive summer destinations is certainly Italy along with its numerous islands, each of which is unique. One of these islands is Palmaria, featuring fascinating nature, spiaggia, cuisine, culture and music. Namely this exceptional island inspires the young people from Italy to create an own music band, calling it Palmaria.
Palmaria is one of those Italian bands that perfectly transfer a very special atmosphere of the island, which is light, romantic, hospitable and extremely beautiful. Even if it’s impossible for you to visit this island you can enjoy the music video Venditti Beach by Palmira, available on YouTube, in order to feel the rhythm and love of Italia that will accompany you through the entire estate 2018.
When we listen to the fresh music, we are plunging into the new story or adventure, which can be as involving as relaxing. Vendetti Beach is the right song to enjoy a magnificent voice of Rachele and listen to the story she narrates us about amore, estate, romance and youth that will never repeat again.
Spending this summer with Palmaria and its amazing composition you’ll get a plethora of remarkable emotions, memories and events, since music is one of those influential things that make our life complete and happy. Downloading Vindetti Beach to your device, you are guaranteed to have a great mood any time you’ll listen to Palmaria song, as it shares the modern sound of Italy, which has all the chances to become the world hit, winning the hearts of numerous listeners from different countries of the globe.
About Palmaria:
Palmaria is a music band from Italy that involves young and passionate musicians, who are ready to fulfill their potential in such a modern music genre as indie pop, which is extremely popular today. This band can be distinguished for its exceptional style and fascinating motives they offer us through their creativity.

Company Name: Palmaria
Review URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl2UJ5oyQqg