Efficient And Easy File Management Is Made Easier By Long Path Tool From KrojamSoft, Inc

Santa Clara, CA (July 13, 2018) – KrojamSoft, Inc. offers the Long Path Tool to solve many errors that are occurred during the execution of file which rectifies Filename Too Long Windows 7 Fix error. While user open, copy, move, rename or delete a file, they may get “File Path Too Long” error message, these errors are more difficult to retrieve and also do other managing processes.

The operating system has set limit as 256 characters for the filename, depending on the filename it can be up to 260 characters. When a file path name which doesn’t come under the limit while execution gets this error.

Long path tool does not consider the character a limitation of the filename, files with any length is executed as it is very easy to interface, available for all the users. Fastest execution tool and doesn’t have any special equipment for error fixing.

Files with long path take huge space on the hard disk so, in the local area network, the user may run the same application with the same speed. Due to this, file may not work according to the commands, in such cases long path tools allow the system to perform as per the user commands.

About KrojamSoft Inc.:
Long Path Tool is from KrojamSoft, Santa Clara, CA. The company has launched this tool as a compatible tool that solves all File Name Too Long errors on Windows 7 and also other OS.

For additional information, please visit https://longpathtool.com/blog/file-name-too-long-windows-7-fix

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