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Finding the solutions to the legal problems is one of the most hectic tasks that a person has to do. This can be more daunting if a person is living in a foreign country. Understanding the rules and regulations of that state is yet another difficult thing that needs to be done. The only solution to this problem is to hire a lawyer that is from inside of that country.

Bund ND law firm is a group of experienced lawyers who help people to come up with solutions to all their legal problems in Shanghai. The team works efficiently and helps people in finding the right China attorney. Not only this, they also make their clients familiar with all kind of laws that they have to abide while living in China.

The company was established in 2007 and has approximately 10 years experience in helping people. All the lawyers working with them have an outstanding qualification. They have done their bachelors from prestigious and well-known universities like Perking University, CUPL and so on. When dealing with foreign clients it is necessary to speak the language they can understand, the team can speak in a number of different languages including English. This helps them in understanding their client’s problem in the best way.

They can help people with a number of different legal problems. They are among some of the very few Shanghai law firms who help people with international marriages. Not only this they also help people in getting divorced and taking child custody. So, that they can move on with their life as quickly as possible.

Not only this they also works as real estate lawyers. Being experienced in this field they can know the complexity of Shanghai market, thus they can help their clients in investing the right properties.

The company provides excellent customer services to all their clients. They help them with almost all kinds of legal problems. The firm has a team of experienced and qualified lawyers who help their client with almost all kinds of legal procedures.


Bund ND law firm was established in 2007. It comprises of the team of qualified lawyers who are fluent in different languages. The firm provides services in a number of different areas this includes marriage dispute, family dispute, real estate dispute and so on. Thus, people can easily find a lawyer in China. For more information: