The Law Firm Of Salah Al-Hejailan Can Now Help Foreign Visitors To Saudi Arabia

If you are a visitor to Saudi Arabia you need to be aware that the laws of the country, such as they are, are very different from those in other countries. The legal system is based on Sharia’h (Islamic) law which is generally strictly enforced. If you accidentally break any of the rules you could find yourself in police custody and in need of a Saudi lawyer. However, it can quite often be the case that the police will make it difficult for you to contact a Saudi law firm.

There are certain things of which you should be aware before travelling to the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and not the least of these is possession of alcohol. Possession of, or trading in, alcohol is illegal and will always result in a prison sentence. The Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan (LFSH) is committed to helping foreign visitors in need of any sort of legal assistance, but has to operate within the law as it stands.

You should also know that while you may practice any religion in private, you may not do so in public unless it is Islam. Again, the penalties for breaking this law can be severe.

While visitors do need to be aware of some of the laws of the country, it may be that you are seeking to set up a business in the KSA and LFSH can most certainly help in this case. The firm is the oldest established legal practice in Saudi Arabia, having been founded in 1967, and has offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar. Over the years, the firm has become the “go to” company of choice for international companies wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia along with government departments and educational establishments which need to operate within the country, and can provide Saudi Arabia legal advice and assistance for all manner of different enterprises.

LFSH has expertise in the areas of banking and finance, corporate and M&A, debt and equity, employment law, investment fund services, IT and technology, intellectual property and data, and, of course, dispute resolution. The firm employs some of the leading legal experts in the KSA, some of whom have acted for various arms of the Saudi government and are therefore in possession of a great deal of knowledge which cannot be found elsewhere.