Sagarmala the ambitious port development programme in the country is all set to change the performance by optimizing Indian ports with modernization. 95% of exchange by volume is through maritime route and there is a continuous need to build up India’s ports and trade infrastructure to quicken the development in manufacturing industry while taking forward the Make in India initiative.
As a part of Sagarmala programme, more than 400 activities have been identified towards Port Modernization, New Port Development, Port Network Improvement, Port-Connected Industrialization and Coastal Community Improvement. Out of these, 199 concentration ventures will be completed by 2019.
Under Port Modernization and New Port Development Project, Sagarmala plans to give operational efficiency to 116 implementations out of which 70 officially has already been executed. Under this task, 12 new ports and 142 ports for capacity expansion project has been identified till 2035.
The type of Port Connectivity Projects are:- Coastal Berths at various major and non-major ports, 37 National waterways prioritized for development in the first phase, Heavy haul rail corridor from Talcher to Paradip, Connectivity to Dedicated freight corridors, Last mile rail and road connectivity projects, Major rail connectivity projects, Freight friendly Expressway projects connecting the major ports, Development of Multi-Modal Logistics Parks and POL Pipelines.

The flagship programme by Ministry of Shipping will help in capacity expansion of the ports by 2025. By 2025 the cargo activity at Indian ports is estimated to be 2500 MMTPA while current cargo handling capacity at Indian ports is just 1500 MMTPA. Guidelines have been set up for expanding the Indian port capability to 3000+ MMTPA by 2025 to cater to the growing traffic. Capacity Expansion of existing ports have been finalized for the 12 major ports.
Under development of new ports to fill the demand gap, 6 new major ports have been identified which will get huge capacity expansion. New port areas have been selected based on the cargo for key products and the projected traffic. Greenfield ports are proposed to be developed at Vadhavan (Maharashtra), Sagar Island (West Bengal),Paradip Outer Harbour (Odhisha), Cuddalore/Sirkazhi (Tamil Nadu), Belikeri (Karnataka), Enayam (Tamil Nadu).
In India, smooth network to ports is more imperative under Sagarmala programme. The objective is to create enhanced and seamless connectivity between the ports and the domestic production centres. More than 150 connectivity ventures at an expected cost of more than Rs 2 lac crores have been identified.
Sagarmala programme’s primary goal is development of coastal communities through marine segment related activities like Fisheries, Maritime Tourism and corresponding skill improvement which will help to enhance the quality of life at Coastal Economic Zones.