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Brea, California (webnewswire) July 12, 2018 – InsureMyDrone, a California drone insurance agency that operates as part of MFE Insurance Brokerage, recently debuted its new website design. The site now features an improved user interface, including easier navigation that allows users to more efficiently find information about the company and its drone insurance offerings.

The user interface has been updated to make the site look less cluttered, highlighting information that visitors will likely find to be the most relevant and useful for their needs. The homepage now includes one button each for an about section, coverage options, and a contact form, and includes two buttons encouraging site visitors to apply for drone insurance. Users can also scroll down the page to access the same information instead of clicking individual options. A contact button is also placed at the bottom right corner of the page, and the button follows users as they scroll to allow for easy communication.

Site features include a section describing InsureMyDrone’s drone insurance philosophy and an infographic highlighting the industries served, including entertainment, real estate, and legal firms. The company’s coverage options, such as hull coverage and errors and omissions liability insurance, are arranged in a block of banners that can be clicked on and expanded to reveal more information about what is insured under each option. The bottom of the page displays an application form that interested drone owners can use to begin the insurance process. The four steps of the application are clearly laid out at the top of the form as the user moves through each stage.

The site’s new design is easier to navigate, making information more easily accessible to site visitors. The multiple navigation options — scrolling and clicking the buttons along the top — ensure that users can find whatever information they are seeking in a given moment. The site also distills information into small, quickly-read sections that deliver the most important facts in an easily-understandable manner. After full explaining the company and its offerings, the site provides readers with the application form that clearly displays what information will be needed while filling out the form, making it more likely that they will fill out the form than if they were required to click to a different page or make a separate call. The overall design changes ensure that visitors will have a stress-free experience when it comes to finding the information they seek.

Insuremydrone is based in Los Angeles. Its new website can be viewed at, and the company can be contacted at 213-634-2250.