Bring Your Communications to Life with XB Chat based on OpenTok

Belarus, Minsk, July 2018 – XB Software, a full-cycle development company of custom Enterprise and eLearning solutions as well as own IT products, has launched its new web app product, called XB Chat.
XB Chat is an easy-to-use WebRTC solution based on the OpenTok platform developed by Tokbox. It allows users to hold video/audio calls and create text chats. The chat works on desktop systems (all functionality) and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.

XB Chat is available in two versions. It can be embedded into an existing business web app ‘as is’ and allows users to hold a video-audio session and a text chat session directly from the app. And the stand-alone version of XB Chat that allows users to work in a browser.

XB Chat is featured by:
Intuitive navigation
Faster communication with your clients, partners, employees without any interruptions
Private peer to peer communication: audio chat (max 5 users), video chat (max 5 users), text chat
Group chatting and calling for Stand-alone version
1-on-1 chatting and calling for Embedded version
You can share screen, record and archive materials, file share and add files or images into the conversation
Formats, sizes, UIs of the chat can be customized per client’s request
The chat operates on desktop systems (all functionality)
The chat easily integrates with existing apps and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla and Safari

XB Chat could be customized and the following features сan be added:
Speech Recognition

XB Software’s team implements the best practices to provide fully customizable WebRTC video solutions to meet clients’ requirements. The partnership with Tokbox allows XB Software’s experts to strengthen the knowledge and grow technical expertise in video app development. Its developers created an easily deployable and cost-effective video chat app for businesses of any size.

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