Add a Touch of Style to Your Outdoor Fire Pit with Fireglass Factory

Get cleaner gas fire pits complemented with the right fire glass or fire rocks. These are all customizable with Fireglass Factory’s wide range of products and options. Their stunning fire pit installations and options make them the leading fire pit and outdoor fireplace manufacturer in the country. 

[LOS ALAMITOS, 7/12/2018]—If done right and with good quality, outdoor fixtures can increase a home’s value. Fixtures such as fire pits allow homeowners to recoup nearly 78 percent of their costs. With inexpensive but high-quality options that use natural gas, they can receive at least an 80 percent ROI when they sell their home. That is where Fireglass Factory comes in.

For homeowners in California, instead of installing a traditional fire pit that can be difficult to maintain, and produce harmful smoke, why not go for a fire pit with less smoke that you can customize and maintain easily? This is what Fireglass Factory offers, with all the parts, accessories, and fire glass to create a customized fire pit.

Fire Glass and Fire Rocks

Fireglass Factory is the leading fire pit and outdoor fireplace manufacturer in the United States. The company’s wide array of products provides its clients with flexible options so that they can design the right fire pit to complement the rest of their home’s outdoor area.

Its fire glass and fire rocks, for example, come in a wide array of designs. Fire glass comes in regular glass, Mixed, Recycled, eco-friendly EcoGlass Beads, Firebeads, and Zircon, while its fire rocks come in Lite Stone Balls, Lite Stones, Tumbled Lava, and Lava Rocks. Each category comes in different designs to cater to the varied tastes of clients.

Beautifully Crafted Outdoor Fire Pits

Apart from the glass and rocks, customers also have the option to choose between five fire pit designs: Island, Sierra, Carmel, Santa Cruz, and San Simeon. These designs are made from various strong materials such as cast concrete, metal, or a combination of both.

These designs complement their surroundings for a warm, cozy, and homey feel. Since they are gas fire pits, they do not emit smoke or accumulate soot. The heat will also not damage the fire glass or fire rocks, which customers can mix and match with their chosen fire pit.

About Fireglass Factory

Fireglass Factory provides high-quality fire glass and other parts and accessories for gas fire pits. It offers a wide selection at competitive rates to provide options for customers to choose. For safe, stunning, but functional fire pits, Fireglass Factory caters to both residential and commercial property owners.

Commercial establishments such as well-known clubs, restaurants, hotels, and even the residential homes of prominent individuals use Fireglass Factory’s products.

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