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In today’s world of extreme competition in travel business, travel agents are looking at ways to create an online travel portal like that of big market players. This holds true especially in case of B2B market players as creating a corporate travel portal is essential to run a successful business. An online portal seems like the best option to fetch information about a destination of your preference along with relevant packages and costs of flights, hotel rates and policies.

The need to have an online travel portal

We all know how the online travel industry is in boom and with the online travel portal, you can easily plan your travel effectively. The travel agents are equipped with deep knowledge of destinations in terms of their history and culture. They are also experienced enough to know the best deals prevailing in the market by other online websites at the time of booking. Thus, if they create an online travel portal, it will help the customer get all the information on a single platform. The package section can be categorised as per different user segments. This is a cost effective and innovative solution for customers.

Travel agents deal with B2B travel portals

In travel business, B2B portal designed for travel agents is designed in such a way that they can build their network all across the world. These B2B travel portals can provide their customers with right pricing solutions. This makes it all the more important for travel agents to develop their travel portal online to serve their potential customers in an effective manner and have a worldwide reach.

That is not all, it needs not be mentioned that online portals are becoming the first choice of millions of customers as they provide reliable and relevant information at the same time. With the help of these travel portals, customers can enjoy fast search and quick bookings and enjoy transparency in their bookings. Along with that, it does simplify the job of travel agents as the customer can book their requirements themselves and pay online directly into their accounts, eliminating the cost of hiring staff for doing these jobs.