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Axiom Market Research & Consulting ™ added Water-Soluble Fertilizers Market Report, By Product Type, and By Crop Type, By Application & by Geography – Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast Up To 2024
Providing the appropriate fertility levels is one of the most important aspects of producing greenhouse crops. Many growers use water soluble fertilizers to deliver nutrients to their plants. There are several factors to consider when using WSFs; some of them include the fertilizer’s formulation, the source of nutrients it is made of, its solubility, its basic or acidic properties, and price. Water soluble fertilizers have more rapid impact and are easy to use. Hence, the demand for water soluble fertilizers are expected to grow rapidly. Water soluble fertilizers can also be applied more frequently than granular fertilizers, therefore can be used according to the need and availability. The addition of fertilizer leads to double and sometimes triple the yield. Ever growing demand for agricultural products is the major reason for growth in demand of water soluble fertilizers. Global demand for fertilizer nutrients is estimated to grow at an approximate CAGR of 2 to 3% percent from 2019.
The major drivers for water soluble fertilizers are growing population, rise in need for food security and change in farming practices. Also, wider applications of green house, government subsidies for adoption of this technology, economic incentives with fertigation to ground water consumption and rising demand for micro-irrigation systems.
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Water-Soluble Fertilizers Market Is Segmented On The Basis Of Crop Type and Applications:
By Crop Type:
• Orchard Crops & Vineyards
• Field Crops
• Plantation Crops and others
By Application:
• Fertigation
• Foliar

The Water-Soluble Fertilizers Market Is Segmented On The Basis Of By Geography:
By Geography, the global water soluble fertilizer market is segmented into Europe, North America, APAC, MEA and Rest of the World. Due to increasing adoption rate of micro and merchandize irrigation systems in the Asia Pacific region, the demand for water soluble fertilizers is expected to increase.

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Water-Soluble Fertilizers Market Is Led by Leading Manufacturers:
Some of the key players of Global Water Soluble Fertilizers Market are Agrium Inc., Israel Chemical Ltd., The Mosaic Company, Haifa Chemicals Ltd., Yara International ASA, Zuari Industries, Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-operative, Coromandel International, Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers, Hebei Monband, Sinochem Fertilizer, Compo GmbH, K+S Aktiengesellschaft etc.