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Center for Hospice Care is a community-based organization that helps patients with serious illnesses live comfortably in home-like hospice houses that provide 24-hour nursing and health care aide.

[SOUTH BEND, 7/11/2018]—The Center for Hospice Care offers inpatient services for patients who need supervision, those managing pain or symptoms, or those whose caregiver needs to take a break. The organization designed inpatient units that provide comfort and compassion to patients in a home-like setting.

What the Hospice House Offers

The Center for Hospice Care aims to help families with loved one’s facing a life-limiting illness. The organization’s inpatient units do not only offer a comfortable and homelike environment, but they also allow families to spend time with their loved ones anytime.

Moreover, the Center for Hospice Care says that the program permits family members to visit for 24 hours a day, seven times a week. Visitation is not only limited to family members because friends and pets are also welcome.

Inpatient units have seven private patient rooms and family rooms. Each house also has a spiritual reflection room and kitchen. These features make the hospice houses feel like a home away from home.

How Patients can Qualify for Inpatient Services

The Center for Hospice Care explains that patients meet with a team to discuss their needs before coming to the inpatient unit. Families and physicians will decide whether the patient will enter the program through a consultation.

Before admitting a patient, the team will continue to explore different support systems. Upon admission, the team will then develop discharge plans that will fit the patient’s needs.

The organization states that a discharge takes place once the patient’s purpose for admission has been resolved.

While patients are in the inpatient units, they have access to a registered nurse and home health assistance for 24 hours a day. The Center for Hospice Care adds that the hospice team can comprise the patient’s personal physician, social workers, and the hospice medical director among others.

About the Center for Hospice Care

The Center for Hospice Care is an independent, not-for-profit organization serving the community since 1978. The company aims to enhance the quality of living for patients with life-limiting illnesses via hospice, grief counseling, home health, and community education.

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