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Singapore 11/07/2018- Ampliz, the self serve database management and procurement portal has updated its product feature with a new addition that will help lead generation processes. It now gives users the option to flag a contact they feel is bad, old, decayed or not updated, in real time.

Feature update

As we all know, bad data is a costly affair. Most marketing campaigns do not see good results because of their inability to hit the right target audience. One of the key reasons is bad data. Since Ampliz is a self serve data procurement platform, enabling its users is paramount to its functioning. In this respect, flag a contact feature has been enabled on its full set of 36 million B2B contact database.

When you as a user comes across a contact that you feel is outdated, doesn’t contain the right details or is has incorrect information, you can flag this contact. The database management team at Ampliz receives a notification. They check if the flagged contact is bad, run tests and if found to be wrong will replace it with the correct information. Your lost credit is also replaced into your account. You can give your reason for flagging the contact to make things easier for the team to get back to you soon. You will also receive email communication of the process and kept updated on changes.

The Ampliz team strives towards making data access and usage easy and fast for its users. With the increase in its user base and the need to provide top of the line data, Ampliz is evolving into a full suite database management platform that provides you with all the necessary features to run your lead generation campaigns.

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