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Local motivational speaker, author and film producer Traci D. Rooks officially launched her guided manifestation, meditation and gratitude journal “Manifesting Sh*t to live your best life” and Motivational Sh*t t-shirt line June of 2018.

Rooks, a certified Zen Meditation practitioner and national award winning writer, has never been one to follow the status quo. Whether it was starting her own female led Production Company, RowdyGunnshy Productions or presenting controversial viewpoints in her podcast, “Lip Service.” This rebellion served her well as she sought to find a journal that would allow her to implement her meditation and gratitude practices, motto of “DECLARE, BELIEVE, And RECEIVE” and yet remain true to the essence of who she is as a person.

Falling short on her search, Rooks decided to create a journal that people like herself (a self-described “cusser” with a hectic lifestyle and sh*t to do) could utilize. Thus Manifesting Sh*t to live your best life was born. It is a cheeky, down to earth guided journal that takes you on a fun and enjoyable journey of manifestation through meditation and gratitude and each T-shirt in her line plays off of that cheekiness.

Rooks started her journey of manifesting and gratitude just over two years ago and received her meditation certification through the Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston shortly thereafter. Having experienced firsthand how gratitude and meditation practices can completely change the trajectory of one’s life, she is eager to share her experience with the world and guide them on how they too can manifest the life of their dreams.

To learn more about Rooks and her line of products visit She is also available for guided meditation sessions, book signings, media appearances, interviews and speaking engagements. For bookings please contact

Company Name: RowdyGunnshy Productions
Contact Person: Cherahonda Gunn
City, State: Houston, Texas