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JC’s Heating and Air is a Knoxville-based HVAC maintenance and repair company that offers installation service for commercial buildings to keep workplaces comfortable for employees.

[KNOXVILLE, 7/11/2018]—JC’s Heating and Air helps businesses maintain a comfortable workplace through its installation service. The company offers rooftop HVAC units, which are a fitting choice for larger places, such as commercial buildings.

The licensed and insured HVAC company believes that along with other pressing matters that business owners think of, keeping a workplace comfortable for their employees should also be a priority.

Space-Saving HVAC Units

According to JC’s Heating and Air, manufacturers introduced rooftop systems in the early 20th century. It was during this time when the majority of large businesses were in crowded urban spaces. The spaces between buildings were too little for large outdoor units.

Moreover, the company explains that rooftop HVAC systems are the ideal workhorse of commercial air conditioning because manufacturers designed these systems for heavier loads.

Rooftop systems contain all the components of an HVAC unit including coils, compressors, and fans that are put together in one cabinet.

JC’s Heating and Air mentions that although a few commercial buildings still use split types, rooftop units remain popular for business because they save space and are easy to use.

Sustainable and Long-Life Units

To provide durable systems, JC’s Heating and Air combines expertise with advanced technology and efficiency. The company’s systems allow commercial buildings to secure maximum comfort and excellent indoor air quality (IAQ).

JC’s Heating and Air guides consumers in choosing the right unit that will fit the size of their building or space. It is essential that the HVAC unit fits perfectly into an area otherwise it may lead to performance issues.

In fact, the company elaborates that an oversized unit may cause business owners to spend more. Meanwhile, a small unit may not be enough to keep a space cool or warm.

About JC’s Heating and Air

JC’s Heating and Air is a licensed and insured HVAC company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. It provides a variety of repair and maintenance services for air conditioning systems and heating systems. JC’s Heating and Air serve both residential and commercial properties.

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