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The GNSS/INS simulation developer offers high-performing test equipment for flight line applications designed for efficient use on the field.

[TEWKSBURY, 7/11/2018] – CAST has developed test equipment for flight line military, government, and industrial applications. The CAST GPS/ GNSS EMT3500-1 EGI flight line tester is high-performing and designed to secure usability in the field.

The company explains that software upgrades are challenging with Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) dual sensors because it complicates fixing on the flight line. As such, CAST developed the specialized test equipment to cut down EGI RTOK rates on the flight line.

The CAST EMT3500-1 Advantages

According to CAST, the GPS/GNSS EMT3500-1 system contains a sophisticated yet user-friendly display. The system enables operators to easily understand the information on the screen, helping them meet the requirements of their current task.

The EMT3500-1 is also suitable for individual aircraft types and it is highly programmable, making it a suitable choice for a series of test requirements.

Moreover, this device only weighs 8.4 pounds or 3.8 kilograms. CAST says that this is smaller than existing systems. This lightweight device is convenient yet it offers a high performing solution for a fast response to pressure-related air data test requirements on the flight line and to pitot-static.

CAST adds that the system gives technicians a more organized way to perform end-to-end systems checks since the company developed EMT3500-1 specifically for government and military applications. Its long run battery time allows operators to use for many hours.

How does it Work?

CAST explains that users of the EMT3500-1 do not need to remove the EGI from the aircraft to determine errors on the flight line. This capability enhances efficiency without sacrificing valuable data and safety standards.

Engineers designed the system for ease of use, reducing the time necessary to learn how the technology works. The company adds that its flight line tester minimizes keystrokes.

CAST says that operators of all experience levels can do flight line testing efficiently and accurately with the GPS/GNSS EMT3500-1.

About CAST

CAST is a GNSS/INS simulation systems developer and has been in the industry for 35 years. The company also offers full-service training, and maintenance and repair services to help clients make the most out of their technology.

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