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Right Doors Real Estate, the latest hybrid estate agent in Dubai is set to launch its website this month of July. Considered as the first of its kind in the region, Right Doors introduces a unique concept which aims to create a new trend in the Real Estate market. There will be no need to pay any commission when you rent a property. You only need to pay one fixed-fee which covers the full spectrum of services that a traditional agent offers.
The concept mainly focuses on providing clients an excellent service while allowing them to save more from paying commission.

The traditional culture of Real Estate income for agents mainly relies on commission. The bigger the amount of property you wish to rent the bigger commission you need to pay. This is the current market of the Real Estate in Dubai. It has been the situation for so long which Right Doors saw as an advantage to come up with this unique concept. With Right Doors, no matter the cost of the rent, you still pay the fixed-fee of AED 999.

As we all know, a huge margin of the population of Dubai is composed of expatriates. They make up 80% of the population in the region. Most of the nationalities that reside here prefer to rent properties instead of buying one, for personal reasons and preferences. Renting is the most common practice for expats who reside in Dubai. But the need for an affordable property to rent is much more of a need that’s why Right Doors came into the market.

For more information about Right Doors Real Estate you can call 04 501 3599 or go and check their website at or visit their office at 9018, Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.