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Injuries could cost people time and money, which is unfair if another person’s neglect caused this. Avoid scenarios such as this and demand the right compensation from those responsible by suing for personal injuries. Haffner Law provides strong legal representation and claims for injured people in Los Angeles.

[LOS ANGELES, 07/10/2018] – When people have injuries, they lose more than just the cost of medical expenses. Injuries may hinder them from performing daily activities, which renders them incapable or in pain. If healing requires them to leave work for a long time, they could be losing thousands of dollars.

This is even more painful and emotionally scarring for people whose injuries were caused by another person’s neglect. It is unfair for the victim, and they have the legal right to demand just compensation for their personal injuries. For reliable and aggressive legal representation in Los Angeles that argues for nothing less than full compensation for their clients, Haffner Law provides the skilled attorneys for personal injury cases.

Personal Injury Cases

Haffner Law stresses the importance of suing for personal injury compensation not only for the justice, but also for the career, financial stability, and personal well-being a person loses during an injury. However, many neglectful people may refuse to provide compensation. Haffner Law builds strong cases for its clients to provide aggressive and reliable compensation its clients deserve.

They investigate the accident that caused their clients’ injuries. The most common types in Los Angeles include:
• Vehicle Accidents
• Product Defects
• Premises Liability
• Assault or Battery
• Construction and Workplace Accidents

These accidents have large impacts on a person’s life, and as such, entitle the victim to compensation if they suffer serious injuries or wrongful death. In the case of the latter, the deceased’s immediate family will be the one to file for personal injury.

California Laws on Personal Injury

California’s negligence laws state that a person is liable for another’s injuries whether the injury was intentional or not. If a person believes that another person caused their injuries, they have the right to sue for compensation within two years from the date of the accident or within a year from discovering the injury caused by the accident.

About Haffner Law

Haffner Law offers experienced attorneys for fraud and personal injury cases in Los Angeles. The firm has a strong record of success, earning its clients just compensation for their cases. The attorneys are all seasoned law professionals who are dedicated to helping fraud and accident victims achieve nothing less than full compensation.

Haffner Law recently the title of Legal Lion on Law360. Their aggressive and reliable representation comes with no hidden fees and no charges until after the case review.

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