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Advancements in molecular and cell biology have enabled the understanding of the mechanisms of a disease at a molecular and genetic level. Modern medicine can now translate these understandings into diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic applications. Immunoassay is the term used for the biochemical test that evaluates the existence of a macromolecule or a small molecule in a solution through the use of an antibody or an antigen. Gene probes detect the DNA makeup of micro-organisms that cause infections and the structure of cellular mutations involved in diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and various coronary diseases.

Labeling and linkage agents enable medical researchers and practitioners to probe gene expression and also develop assays to serve companion diagnostic tests. This, as a result, allows physicians to provide efficient treatment for several life-threatening diseases. With the healthcare industry touching new peaks, the global Labeling And Linkage Agents For Immunoassays And Gene Probes Market is projected to exhibit a significant growth rate during the forecast period.

Based on type, the global labeling and linkage agents for immunoassays and gene probes market can be segmented into proteins, antibodies and antigens, cellular compounds, nucleic acids, DNA, and RNA.

The detection of abnormal molecules helps in targeting a specific abnormal function. As a result, the role of diagnostic pathology has expanded beyond morphologic observation, into comprehensive tissue analysis via combined histological, molecular evaluations, and immunohistochemical.


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According to the report, the segment of diagnostics using immunoassays, gene probes, and molecular diagnostics is developing rapidly due to the scientific development of these systems in the recent past. Research activities in biotechnology and medicine are in full swing, leading to the development of new products with improved performance and efficiency over the existing immunoassay products. This progress is driving the global market for labeling and linkage agents for immunoassays and gene probes.

Conversely, the high cost of these labeling and linkage agents is hindering the growth of the market. However, with increased investments in the healthcare sector by governments in developed nations and emerging economies, the impact of this restraining factor is expected to decrease over the course of the forecast period.

Geographically, with robust healthcare infrastructure and aggressive investments in R&D in the field of molecular science, North America emerges as the most prominent market for labeling and linkage agents for immunoassays and gene probes, followed by Europe. Cost-sensitive markets in the emerging economies of Asia Pacific are lagging behind, but with several key players outsourcing their R&D activities to these regions, the market is also expected to gain in these vast populations.

Business strategies adopted by key players, their market positioning, and product offerings have been identified in this research report. The prominent players in the global market for labeling and linkage agents for immunoassays and gene probes include Abbott Laboratories, Qiagen Inc., Affymetrix, Bio-Rad Laboratories, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Genentech Inc., Life Technologies, Biomerieux, Gen-Probe Incorporated, Millipore Corporation, Roche Diagnostics, Sigma Aldrich USA, and Thermo Fisher Life Sciences.


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