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El Paso Mexican Restaurant takes pride in its authentic Mexican cuisine. Customers in Alexandria, VA flock to the restaurant for a scrumptious dining experience.

[SPRINGFIELD, 07/11/2018] – El Paso Mexican Restaurant provides authentic Mexican cuisine and homemade entrees to customers in the Washington Metropolitan Area. From its irresistible daily Mexican specials to its joyful ambiance, the restaurant is a must-visit for those who enjoy Mexican food.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

High-quality Mexican fare is within reach for residents in Alexandria, VA. El Paso Mexican Restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine with bold flavors in a festive environment. The restaurant offers homemade fare, giving customers the option to choose between mild and spicy dishes. It brings the traditional flavors of Mexican food to its dishes, with a distinctly American twist. It takes pride in serving the freshest food daily, to satisfy every customer’s Mexican food cravings.

Daily Mexican Specials

The restaurant’s friendly staff delivers a mouthwatering culinary experience— its dishes contain the finest ingredients and most exotic flavors. Its meals are popular among customers for its traditional sauces and its use of family recipes.

The restaurant provides daily Mexican specials to encourage customers to variate their usual orders to make the dining experience more exciting for guests. The staff tempts every diner’s taste buds with delicious dishes like street style Mexican tacos —a meal that includes corn tortillas garnished with cilantro and onions — that come with a special discount every Tuesday. The family-friendly restaurant also allows kids to eat for $0.99 on Mondays.

A Festive Atmosphere

More than serving high-quality Mexican fare, El Paso Mexican Restaurant brings every customer a gratifying experience the moment they step into the place. The restaurant features a bright and festive Mexican ambiance that will entertain friends and families. The festive atmosphere extends to its staff that serves every dish with a smile.

About El Paso Mexican Restaurant

El Paso Mexican Restaurant brings excellent Mexican cuisine to the Washington Metropolitan Area. It boasts an extensive brunch and cocktail menu, with catering services and daily specials. The restaurant has four branches, located in Springfield, Woodbridge, and Alexandria.

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