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The full-service production company helps businesses maximize ROI and attract more clients through high-quality video content.

[DENVER, 07/09/2018] – One Floor Up offers professional video production services for businesses in Denver, Colorado and Dallas, Texas. The company uses its expertise, tools, and skills to create videos and to tell stories.

One Floor Up aims to help businesses build brand identity through engaging video content that will create the best possible impression. The video production company believes videos are essential to an organization’s success in the digital-driven era.

How Video Content Benefit Organizations

According to One Floor Up, strategic video content can raise consumer awareness for brands and help them increase engagement with their current and potential clients.

Professionally produced videos can also be a business’s channel into the hearts and the minds of their target clients if executed properly.

Statistically, 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019 will be video traffic. One Floor Up adds that 55 percent of people say that they watch at least one video every day. Meanwhile, a majority of marketing professionals consider video as the most valuable content they produce.

Given the data, One Floor Up knows that video content can help businesses maximize their return-on-investment (ROI).

Working with the Professionals

One Floor Up is a team of experienced professionals in the video production field. The team works closely with clients to meet their requirements.

To produce high-quality content, One Floor Up uses professional-grade equipment to shoot and edit videos. Most importantly, the company also understands and cares about the craft.

The team of video production professionals has a vast knowledge of the execution and production of well-crafted video content. The company understands how lighting affects the message of the video and what editing techniques can help to achieve the client’s goals.

Additionally, One Floor Up knows how consistency can help accurately present the clients’ brand to their audience.

About One Floor Up

One Floor Up is an all-inclusive, full-service production company helping businesses with their communication plans. Combining passion with expertise, the company provides live action film and video, animated content, live event production, and experiential marketing.

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