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KIOSK KOREA, a digital signage solution provider, is a company specialized in advertising display industry. KIOSK KOREA is a company specializing in the display industry. 10-year continuous growth is from active development & marketing from the domestic connections and a number of overseas corporations based in Europe, USA, and Japan. Currently, KIOSK KOREA is actively processing industrial display businesses, which are considered high-performance and high-growth businesses.
We are specialized in supplying LCD display in Korea. As the company is fully capable of supporting and developing the display screens that usually enjoy a stable market share. We are proud of its achievement of the world’s first commercialization in the field of Transparent LCD display as well as the next-generation scopes in the 3D display industry.
In the field of digital signage, the market is extending by securing high technologies in the outdoor digital signage field with high technology barriers. KIOSK KOREA continues
Transparent LCD Panel Kit
Transparent LCD Displays are the latest innovation in LCD technology,
Opening up a wide range of new opportunities in retail and marketing.
Sweet-spot sizes for legibility and reuse of existing content Transparent LCD panel Kit
Stunning high resolution images
Adds a genuine wow factor
Connect media players, PCs and more
Flexible location of control sensors
Enhances viewer engagement
Transparent LCD Showcase
Our excellent ICE Transparent Showcases help you demonstrate your products in a dynamic and innovative way that will amaze your visitors and create that WOW factor as soon as they enter your store or business!
1080p video playback
Grabs attention of passers by
USB, HDMI or Android integrated
Supports MP4, AVI, MPG, MP2, MP3, AAC and WMA formats
Highest quality transparent screens Transparent LCD Showcase
Transparent LCD Fridge
KIOSK KOREA has utilized its expertise and experience with transparent technologies to promote its Digital Transparent Refrigerators (coolers) to offer brands an amazing and unique way of highlighting and promoting its brand message. Our ICE Fridges use our transparent technology, and merge this impressive concept into a digital advertising display which allows you to run promotional content on the point of sale itself, the fridge
In combination with transparent display technology this innovative digital cooler replaces the Entire conventional front door glass with a transparent Digital LCD Display assembly. The transparent LCD allows for clear viewing of product through the glass, while simultaneously having the ability to run Full HD content in a “see-thru “Manner in front of the product. The KIOSK Korea™ Cooler is truly a turn-key solution with all required technology and hardware included.