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New Delhi, 2nd July 2018: Sleepy Owl Coffee, one of India’s fastest growing cold brew coffee brand has launched an all new flavor.

Cinnamon Burst is Sleepy Owl’s ode to the famous New Orleans Style Coffee. It contains coffee, cinnamon and a hint of chicory.

It transports you to the city of jazz& blues, gumbo and American praline. The Big Easy is an eclectic mix of characters, music, cuisine and art, and Sleepy Owl pays tribute to it that spirit with their new flavor.

Ashwajeet Singh, co-founder Sleepy Owl, remarked at the launch, “Cinnamon is an extremely compatible taste note with coffee, and that is why we decided to make it our new flavor. We aren’t talking a complete overhaul of flavor here, because we didn’t want to completely obliterate the base coffee notes that make our brew special. We hope you enjoy Sleepy Owl’s Cinnamon burst flavor this monsoon.”

About Sleepy Owl:

Started by three friends, who enjoyed coffee immensely and wanted to share their collective love for great coffee, Sleepy Owl has become a hot favorite among coffee lovers across India.

They understood that brewing great coffee is a complicated and tedious task. Hence they decided to innovate a convenient way for people to consume high quality coffee right in the comfort of their own homes – all without raising a finger!

Sleepy Owl ships across the country and has retail presence across major modern outlets such as Modern Bazaar, Le March, Foodhall etc.

Sleepy Owl Cold Brew is made from the best Indian beans, carefully roasted in small batches. It is brewed slowly in cold water over twenty-two hours, extracting the flavor from the beans but leaving out the bitterness. The result is coffee that’s naturally smooth and less acidic. Sleepy Owl’s distinct chocolatey & nutty flavor comes from single-origin Arabica beans grown at 5300ft in Chikamaglur, Karnataka. They use 100% Grade-A Plantations.

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Instagram – @sleepyowlcoffee