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Aurora, IL/2018: Children who face trouble in reading often lose their confidence. It is a problem that demands immediate solution. If your kid too faces such a difficulty, then See-N-Read Reading tools are the best option to help you solve their reading concern. Although, these tools have been proven to cause a dramatic improvement in the skills of learners of all ages but are particularly beneficial for children who wish to improve their reading.

The founder of See-N-Read, Sylvia R. Cadena Smith is a Doctorate in Instructional Technology. The tools designed by her, have been tried & tested. They have proven to have significant results in helping children learn how to read.
Products Offered

• See-N-Read Reading Tools: The reading strip is a very popular product that helps readers to focus on a single line, while blocking out other potentially-distracting blocks of text. This helps to discourage line skipping and results as an improvement in reading comprehension.

• MemoryMarkTM: This tool allows the reader to underline and highlight important text while reading. This helps to generate interest, and is also very beneficial while studying, as it makes the task of revising easier.

• See-N-SpellTM: See-N-Spell is a comprehensive reference guide that assists readers with spellings of common words. All children can benefit from this tool, as it helps to strengthen their command over language and ensures that their writing skills are also developed along with reading skills.

• ColorTagTM: This is a tool that helps learners in reading as well as writing by making it easy to access key information. This tool can be applied to recall the main idea of passage, saving time that would otherwise be used in reading non-essential information.

To learn more about the products offered by See-N-Read Reading Tools and how they can be applied to improve your child’s reading and learning skills, you can visit their website at