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At Bart’s Bakery, we bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. The reason why we call our chocolate chip cookies as “The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” is because our cookies are virtually, home-baked. Our ingredients include fresh butter, hand-cracked eggs, Madagascar vanilla, and imported Belgian chocolate. We do not support the addition of addition of artificial sweeteners to make our cookies taste delicious.

Chocolate chip cookies are America’s favorite cookies. It is the large corporations that have ruined the originality of chocolate chip cookies by morphing it into tasteless masses of over-sweetened dough by using inferior quality of chocolate, synthesized oils, and unhealthy sweeteners. We totally disrespect it and it is why we aim at giving the American public only the best and original chocolate chip cookies.

Bart’s Bakery uses proprietary method called the Space-Age technology that allows our cookies to taste fresh as the day they were baked. This technology was first developed for the U.S. space program. The Space-Age technology allows our chocolate chip cookies to retain their freshness without the use of synthesized oils, preservatives or chemicals. We do not warehouse our cookies.

Moreover, we do not like tricking people with bigger cookie sizes. Our cookies are bite-size, natural, and delicious. Our chocolate chip cookies are gluten-free. We do not use low quality flour for our customers because they only deserve the best!

It’s not just the chocolate chip cookies that we deliver. On our website, you can find many other varieties of cookies ranging from peanut butter cookies to oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We develop our own proprietary recipes, source superior ingredients and bake every single cookie in-house.

If you are looking for the best chocolate chip cookies in Los Angeles, visit our website at We offer a wide variety of tastier and crunchier chocolate chip cookies making you want to come back for more.