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Text My Main Number is a renowned landline texting service provider that offers the best landline texting for business services to its clients worldwide. Recently, the company announced the launch of the mobile application of text to landline for its clients. The mobile app is live in Google Play store ( The app is launched only for Android device users as of now, but according to the shared details, it will be soon available for iOS users as well.
“We are very happy to launch the first version of our text to landline app. At the moment, we have launched the Android app only, but soon we will be launching the iOS app as well. We are very happy and excited to see the feedback of our users.”, shared spokesperson of the company.
The text to landline app of Text My Main Number has basic features as of now that can be used by its users to perform following actions:
• Read messages sent to the business landline or toll free number
• Respond to the received SMS to landline
• Send a new SMS / MMS to any saved contact or number
• Contact book to manage contacts in the text to landline app
• Reports to see logs of all sent / received / scheduled messages
“At the moment, we are providing simple and the most basic features. Of course, we will be adding auto reply, Interactive Text Response and other advanced features in the upcoming versions of our text to landline application.”, shared Ash Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.
She further added, “Please don’t get confused about the usage of landline texting. This app is only for our customers who are using the landline texting for business. The customers of our customer will not need this app to access messages sent to them from a text-enabled landline number. It means if you have a text enabled your landline or toll free number, then you can use this app to access /respond the messages that you have received on your landline number. You can also use the responsive web app of text to landline from your mobile device. Your customers don’t need to download this app as they will receive the messages in their inbuilt SMS app. This is just an add-on to meet our customer’s expectations.”
According to the shared details, the businesses that are using landline texting for business can use this app optionally, if they are more comfortable with a mobile app than a browser based web app. The text to landline app is available for free in the Google Play Store. However, to use it the business needs to use the landline texting service of Text My Main Number.
About Text My Main Number
It is a leading landline texting company based in New York, USA. The company offers never seen before landline texting features in its app. The company also offers a risk free trial. For more details, visit